Matching more than 3 - Pets Unleashed™ is full of awesome Super Toys to help you progress through your journey in the Big Apple. Match 4 in a square to release a Parakeet, or match four colored toys in a row to create a Line Clear Super Toy. Make sure you’re familiar with what each one does so that you can use the optimal Super Toy in any situation.

Example: Need to get rid of one pesky Cage or Squirrel? The Parakeet may be your best bet.
Looking to clear a vertical row? Make sure you connect four in a row vertically to get the correct Super Toy.


Playtime with Max - Max is more than just a cute companion; you can actually interact with him on the level map. Pet his belly and he’ll roll over. He'll also reward you for playing fetch with him. Throw him the tennis ball and he'll bring you back a reward.


Treats aren't just for Pets - Keep an eye out for treat bags. They can be opened once you’ve collected enough stars and contain all kinds of goodies that will help you progress in the game. Treat bags can be found on the level map near Max.


Sit, Stay - Strong Super Toys don't always fall into place. Make sure before you activate an awesome Super Toy that you use it where it will be most effective. Waiting 2 or 3 moves may help you combine two Super Toys and get the most bang for your pet toy.


Using all of your lives - If you find yourself out of lives and too excited to wait for them to replenish, try clicking on the “Get Free Lives” button at the top of your game screen. You'll be able to watch a short video and collect up to 1 more life per day.


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