From the first time we saw an early cut of the film The Secret Life of Pets™ from our partners Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures, we knew we had an amazing opportunity to bring these lovable characters to life in our game. Today the secret is out and we're launching The Secret Life of Pets: Unleashed worldwide.


Right from the start, we knew we wanted to do something different within the puzzle genre. We set out to combine the features and functionality of a Match-3 with the story-line and humor of the film to bring these insanely cute pets to life. Our pets celebrate when you win, cheer on your good moves, and jump out on the board to congratulate you when you make a big combo.

We worked directly with the film team and games team at Illumination and Universal, which helped us capture the love that was poured into creating such a wonderful story and charming characters. It’s that attention to detail, our passion for staying true to the film and the characters that make this game so special.

The Secret Life of Pets: Unleashed is designed to challenge Match-3 players, delight fans of the film and its characters, and welcome in new people who haven't played this kind of game before.

We hope you enjoy the variety and exciting challenges that we've layered into the game - from squirrels with acorn shields and parakeets carrying exploding toys to a tile-eating frog and a board-clearing Hawk.

We have had such a blast making this game and we can't wait to hear what you think.


See you on the leader-boards.

Michelle Bizzarro, Game GM, and The Pets Team